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Our mission is to deliver complete customer satisfaction with well planned, dynamic and innovative designs from concept to completion to ensure our projects exceed client expectations.

JASON SESTAK, Graphic Designer
I am a graphic designer that specializes in corporate branding. I have worked in the design industry since 1998 for many kinds of businesses and have learned plenty of do’s and dont’s over the years. My education was for graphic design, but my emphasis of work was in package design. I really enjoyed the challenge of trying to design a creative, but functional look for small packaging that needs to stand out among the products on the shelves. This led to my first real design position, Lead Designer at a sign company. My design background actually works perfectly for the sign industry. As a designer of signs, you are constantly working within a certain and most of the time a limited area to create an eye catching sign to attract customers. So, the challenges I worked through in package design was very similar to the challenges in sign design.

While working as Design Lead for an advertising/sign company I worked with customers creating logos and business identities for their signs which we were able to use for their other promotional items like business cards, brochures, presentation folders and many more hand out materials. It was here that I began to define what works best for customers and how to use creative designs to help businesses succeed.

For years now I’ve been working as a freelance designer and a branding specialist with a marketing company designing corporate identities and branding businesses with hand out materials and websites. As a freelance designer, I have developed a unique style of design and a design process to brand businesses.


This is where I use my knowledge and past experience to partner with clients, develop a unique brand and propel their business to success. I say “partner”, because I am building something more than just my portfolio. I am working with you to build a relationship with your business, so that you feel comfortable to turn to me at any time with questions or projects.

Our First Meeting

We should meet in person at your location, if possible. This helps me get a better feel for your company and the type of branding needed. I believe sitting down and discussing your goals, needs and even the competition in person is always more successful than over the phone or email. Plus, this helps build our partnership. It’s from these conversations I will begin to come up with ideas and many times sketch these ideas out for the clients to review and see if this is the direction they would like to pursue. Putting these logo ideas or concepts on paper for the client gets things moving and most of the time gives me exactly what the brand direction will be.

The Design Phase

Then, we have the design phase. Here I will use the information gathered from our meeting to design the vector based digital logo. I begin with creating the primary logo. This logo will be used in most promotional items, advertising, signs and so on. Once this logo is approved, I will design a secondary logo. The primary logo won’t always work, so I design a secondary logo for all my “partners” to make sure their look is consistent. This consistency is really the beginning of branding your business. These logo designs, color usage and themes build your brand recognition and your business.

A Branding Package

And finally, I will put together your branding package which includes the vector files for all the logos and your brand guidelines. The brand guidelines contain your logo details such as; font styles used, colors used and proper usage of logos for printing. Since most customers will use their logos on many kinds of mediums, the colors will be broken down in full color uses for digital printing in RGB or CMYK colors. And, I also provide two or three color logos with matching PMS colors for screen printing or embroidery for shirts and hats. These files will help keep your brand consistent from vendor to vendor.



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